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Guarantee your guests a good time--without lifting a finger!

Want to throw a fun party? That's easy—all it takes is good food and drink and your friends gathering at your house. But what kind of party will your friends talk about for months? Host a Home Tarot Party.

This new kind of party is becoming more and more popular because it's unique, fun, and easy to do.

Psychic entertainer Sebastian Boswell III begins the party with a few demonstrations of mind-reading, ESP, or other mental mysteries. Then each guest gets a private, personal tarot reading. This is why your guests will recall your party long after other parties fade from memory. Everyone loves to hear about themselves. There is nothing more enjoyable than sitting across from someone who says, "Let's talk about you!" 

Curious? Call 415-948-8078 and let him answer your questions, and perhaps give you a demonstration of his skills over the phone!